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To Buy THE BOOK, TO BUY ILLUSTRATIONS: Just push the "contact us"button and mention your items, we will respond. All illustrations are on archival paper and treated for longevity.They are 11" x17" and signed. You may also call us with your order.406-257-1666
Water Like the Soul of An Angel: Memoirs of a Fisherman, Soft Cover, 104 pages, $29.95
Sales Print, Customized $25.00
If there is a line

from a poem that

you would like

printed on your illustration, Sheryl

will be happy to customize the

illustration for you.

Sales print, customized $25.00

A SWIM IN THE RIVER, "I will never be tired or old or so voluptuosly cold again."


STREETWALKER TREE" On occasion, someone's touch reminds them of forests. "$75.00

"Ferns greened the forest floors to the waves of every shoreline where no foot had ever trod."


Missouri River Camp illustration


Tom the Guide illustration $75.00
The Deepest Wood illustration $75.00
Dan Jossart's Bones illustration $75.00
Morning illustration $75.00
Brook Trout



Autumn Night "by the light of the moon so full" $75.00
All illustrations are 11 x 17", printed on fine art archival paper, varnished forlongevity, and signed. Speak with us about the designs for other purposes.
Customer Service: Email: [email protected]