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Sheryl with her four Tibetan Terriers.
Sheryl is the illustrator. Her challenge was to meet the poems and to supplement them with visuals for the book's readers.

She is also known for contemporary painting that is made with mixed media. This is "Awash".
Sheryl grew up in Northwest Montana. She is the daughter of the legendary woodsman and sportsman, Dannie Loutherback. She and her sisters were very much at home in the mountains, river beds, and logging camps of the deep forests. Later, Sheryl ran a truck stop cafe just south of Glacier Nat'l Park. She has made art throughout her life. She began watercolor study with K.Leigh in Kalispell, Mt.
(from the poem), "The Deepest Wood"
Silent hooves lead ever farther back to wild-mint trails of cottonwood, to placid ponds and hidden bowers, and deeper still, beyond the mayfly hours, lies an old familiar neighborhood safe to wander much alone orphaned by events only vaguely understood, cool, shaded places of our own, a childhood fort in the deepest wood,
Studying painting at the Art Students' League in New York was a
highlight for Sheryl. Here she works on an illustration in her studio. The works were prepared in watercolor, scanned, and digitized. The book has 26 illustrations.
After painting,the illustrations are reproduced as individual digital prints on archival papers, sprayed and treated properly for longevity. Sheryl is willing to answer questions or speak on her process. Use the "contact us" link.
Daniel Getman

Sheryl found it exciting to bring her fine art making experiences to the computer. After many years of concentrated study, she became an Adobe Photoshop expert.
Three Self Portraits by Sheryl Getman

"Cream of Wheat"