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Cover is above, ISBN#0976328003, 104 pages, softcover, $29.95,

author is Jack B. Jelinski,

illustrated by Sheryl Loutherback Getman, 26 illustrations

foreword by Valerie Hemingway,

introduction by Troy Evans

*Good Reviews

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The savoring of history is part of this project.This project's history began 30 years ago when Sheryl Getman was a nursing student at MSU in Bozeman. She answered a board and room ad that led her to rent a room from Jack and Jane Jelinski. Jack was a professor in Spanish Literature at the University. They all became fast and lifelong friends. Years later, Jack was writing and asked Sheryl to be his illustrator. They worked on making the book over the next ten years, collaborating through all of their life changes.

Jack Jelinski and Sheryl Getman are interested in vintage fishing photos. Vintage Photos are available for pr use. Readers are encouraged to share their own old fishing photos. They may be sent by email<[email protected]>

The photos will be assembled for the Montana and Wisconsin Historical Societies. People may bring their photos to scheduled book signings or share them by mail through Howling Loon Press.

Jack and Sheryl are both available for interviews or classes
BIOS: author, Jack Jelinski and illustrator, Sheryl Loutherback Getman are briefed here, longer bios, written in greater detail are available by request. Valerie Hemingway, noted writer, and Troy Evans, actor, have written the foreword and introduction in the book. Their bio notes are on their page in this website. We can send any photo, email to your specs.
Jack Jelinski has been wandering wild places with a fly rod for fifty years. He still gets as excited about a trip on the river as he did when he was ten. In 1962 he trained life guards in the Dominican Republic as one of the first 100 Peace Corps volunteers to be sent to Latin America. He has been a handyman, pulp-cutter, well-driller, plumber, water safety instructor and lifeguard. He has published studies in Spanish and English on the works of major literary figures such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Miguel de Unamuno, Graham Greene, and Cervantes. Three of his studies have been published as book chapters. He has been a teacher and scholar of Spanish Literature for 30 years and has been writing poetry documenting his personal life since he can remember. He is currently a Professor Emeritus of Spanish Literature at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana where he lives with Jane, his wife of 36 years. His children Kristina and Adam and granddaughter live in Oregon.
Sheryl Loutherback Getman first fished for brook trout when she was nine years old. She could hold a fishing line, with a fly, while she sat on a log suspended over a ponderosa lined streambed.

"Sheryl is the daughter of the legendary woodsman and sportsman Dannie Loutherback of Kalispell, MT There were many 4 a.m. Montana mornings, when father, Dannie, awakened his girls so that they could pick-up ride, bumping up and down’Montana mountain logging roads. Wandering the northwest valley, their father taught his girls how to wind hook knots, taste frigid streams and spot the big holes in the rivers. There were crisp fried, floured brookies for breakfast. Fishing boats were “put in” at Blakenship bridge and the Flathead River was floated for the rainbow, brown, or bull trout. Later, high in the mountains of Montana, she owned a truck stop cafe and helped visitors find their way to those old fishing places.

Sheryl has worked thirty years in the visual arts. She has made many paintngs, posters, and prints over the years. She lives life as an optimist with her four Tibetan Terriers and her husband of 18 years, Daniel. Sheryl shows her dog at AKC shows for relaxation. She studied art at the Art Students’ League in New York after college art classes. She and her husband garden profusely. The Getmans grow figs, pomegranates, avocadoes, lemons, oranges, chermoya, roses, and nectarines for friends and family.