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Jack Jelinski has been wandering wild places with a fly rod for 50 years. He still gets as excited about a trip on the river as he did when he was ten. His, exciting, well- crafted, work reflects great story-telling, grand enthusiasm, and poignant insight.
Jane Jelinski
He has been a teacher and a scholar of Spanish Literature for 30 years and has been writing poetry documenting his personal life since he can remember. He is currently a Professor at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.
Water Like the Soul of An Angel: Memoirs of a Fisherman
(from the poem), MISSOURI RIVER CAMP

So maybe you understand here at day's end what I wanted to share with you when I first began. We grow old, we struggle and eventually bend to hold our own in this ferocious clan. All that we truly need to get along is the voice of a friend, a listener for our story, the touch of a hand.

Jack fishes a forward cast, stopping at ten o'clock, with his reach.

Stillness and solitude in a Montana River. Jack revels in the quiet.
A nice trout on a cold day, breakfast for Jack.

There is a realm even more real and enduring than the one in which we typically wander.When we feel lost, this book can be our touchstone, a way to return to nature, or go for the first time.

These poems and drawings are so lyrical and elemental, yet so accessible.

Perhaps we’ve never been and might never go to the streams and mountains the author speaks of, but we recognize them as places
within us, places where water, light and breath live.

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